Corporate Information And Experience:

First Contracting, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Michigan, licensed as a residential builder and electrical contractor and certified as a lead abatement contractor pursuant to the regulations of the Michigan Department of Commerce. We carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance in compliance with all State of Michigan requirements. First Contracting, Inc. holds a bonding line CNA in excess of ten million dollars with sufficient cash equity and lines of credit to capitalize all projects currently under bid or in process.

First Contracting Inc’s State of Michigan Certificate of Awardability status is current.

The true strength of First Contracting, Inc. is vested in the seventy-five years of construction management by its principals and managers. The staff of First Contracting, Inc. has extensive experience concerning project administration and compliance with the requirements of federal and state regulatory agencies including, but not limited to, projects governed by the Davis Bacon Act, Prevailing Wage Determinations and Work Safe Lead Practices. In addition,our field crews include several master carpenters and craftsmen whose experience and reputations are unequaled. We perform all architectural, site and electrical work with our own forces and have available qualified subcontractors in the skilled trades of HVAC and plumbing.

Since our inception, First Contracting, Inc has completed in excess of five hundred substantial HUD, MSHDA, and private owner renovations or new housing construction projects. A recently completed project encompassed renovation of three high-rise apartment buildings and seventy-three scattered living units. Our final contract for this project was in excess of two million dollars. We have also completed interior finish work on more than four thousand apartments, hotel units and care centers ranging in type from minimal specification to high-end custom projects.

First Contracting, Inc is organized to assure that we are capable of performing at the same level of excellence whether the project is a single living unit or a multi-unit project. Owner and owner’s representative’s references are enclosed.

We sincerely appreciate this opportunity to present our corporate credentials for your consideration.

Thank you for your interest in First Contracting, Inc.

Brian Fleming